Specialisation in particular fields is of utmost importance today, together with the ability to adjust the translation to the receiving language in its full context (adjusting to support programmes, the text, the language, the culture, and the audience, etc).

At we are proud to offer different translation services to suit any needs:

  • Official Translations

  • Financial and Legal Translations

  • Scientific and Medical Translations

  • General Translations

  • Translation of Public Speeches and Assistance with Speaking in Public

  • Audio and Video Translations

  • Literary Translations

At we know that each language has its own musicality and body language. In order to climb that wall, we offer you assistance to speak in a different language as well as to work on the non-verbal part of the communication.  A comprehensive solution that will provide the orator with the right words and the best means to convey them.

Please contact us and we will make an assessment of your needs and propose the solution.